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Think, Act, Grow

Business Impulz: Commercial growth and Business Development

Business Impulz helps organisations to innovate and to grow commercially.
We do this by delivering Thinking, Acting and Growing power based on knowledge, experience & entrepreneurship!

Thinking power

Looking wider in order to discover new angles and growth models. Based on a broad experience at multinationals, family businesses and as an independent entrepreneur. Supported by knowledge from leading training institutes.

Acting power

Plans have no value if they are not executed. As an independent entrepreneur, I have my feet in the mud and know what it takes to actually carry out plans. Even if an ongoing project needs some extra "pepper".

Growing power

Growth is the ultimate goal. That may be bigger, but it may also be more innovative, faster, smarter and more sustainable.



The following activities can be carried out on an interim or project basis

About Jeroen van der Vossen

Business Impulz is an activity of Jeroen van der Vossen.

After studying Business Economics at the University of Tilburg and University of Memphis, he worked for 15 years in various Marketing - Sales - General Management positions for multinational companies such as Hero, Pernod Ricard, LVMH.

In 2011 decided to gain experience as General Manager at Leijtens Perfumes within a medium-sized family business.

Since 2013, Jeroen has been self-employed. First founded BEAUTY-MONITOR.COM, Online Beauty-Market Intelligence. In 2014 founded BEAUTY-IMPORT.NL, distributor of innovative beauty brands in the Benelux. BEAUTY-IMPORT's brands are now available within 200+ salons, online & platforms. Through Business Impulz, Jeroen is available on an interim/project basis.